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A Name is a Name Right? Wrong.

The name West Mountain didn't come about by chance. My roots are firmly placed in Taranaki and enjoy getting back there when I can.

The Mountain is the heart of the Taranaki province and has a commanding presence.

Geospatial work is tied in with the land and how we interact with it. I wanted a name respresentitive of both, to which West Mountain was conceived.

The West Mountain Team



Scott Earley

Director/GIS Specialist

Scott has 10 years experience in the New Zealand geospatial Industry and has worked a consultant and project manager. A proven problem solver and analytical thinker, Scott relishes the individual challenges laid out by so many diverse industries - Local/Central Government, Finance/Banking and Insurance, Retail and Logistics. You’ll find Scott easy to approach with enthusiasm for all things Geo-spatial. Scott is a Prince2 Accreditated Practitioner and brings sound methodolgies to business problems.

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Charlotte Yong

Software Developer

Charlotte comes to West Mountain with great experience in .Net and Flex development and will be taking a very active lead in the innovation and development of new products and services. Charlotte has worked internationally and in New Zealand and brings a range of web and software development expertise. Charlotte's keen to help you with your next development project, so don't hesitate to contact her to discuss your development dreams.

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How We Do Our Best For You

Here at West Mountain, we don’t claim to be able to do everything ourselves, but we can help provide you with the guidance and the expertise to get to your desired result.

We utilise our extensive range of industry contacts and networks to find you the right solution that fits your need. Here are two of the major industry software vendors that we work with to achieve success.

There are also a number of add-on software providers that we can help advise you with dependant on your need.

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