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Local Government Specialists

We understand the business of local government and have proven experience in designing, planning and deploying geospatail solutions - from Desktop to Enterprise level.

We have a number of services that will benefit you and you team. Call us to find out how we can help you.

Mt Taranaki/Egmont DTM from LiDAR

LiDAR Generated Digital Elevation Model of Mount Taranaki.

LIDAR technology offers one of the most accurate, expedient and cost-effective ways to capture wide-area elevation information to produce highly detailed Digital Elevation Models (DEMs).

Click here to see LiDAR and 3D Analysis services for more information.

West Mountain Services

3D Modeling and Analysis


3D Modeling and Analysis

Flood Prediction and Modelling

3D Modeling and Analysis takes the your processed LiDAR data and provides you with the ability to work scenarios and model events such as major district floods events, 10 year, 20 year, 50 year and 100 year floods. By developing a comprehensive emergency management plans for likely scenarios are putting them into practise, you are in the best position to respeond to natural events beyond your control. Talk to us about how we can help you with this.

3D Modeling and Analysis

Viewshed Analysis

Combine your project data with the 3D environment to really expand your depth of analysis. Produce comprehensive line of sight analysis for the various power generating industries, wind farms, hydro lakes, geothermal stations etc. Provide interactive 3D fly-throughs for presentations and project reviews. Examine terrain from every possible angle and determine the best outcomes for your project before the first spade hits the dirt. RF Engineer Modelling and Analysis. Storm Water, Sewer and Water Main Asset Modelling.

3D Modeling and Analysis

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To find out more about this service, call as at West Mountain today. Also see the LiDAR and Contour Processing for more information regarding this service.

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Need to Transfer Data? FTP is the secure way.

To enable quick delivery and transfer of data in our busy world, we have a fully secure FTP site ready for all your file transfers.

Sending data in a email is useful until a certain point; emailing large files can take time and choke up your system. We recommend anything over 10MB in size to be transferred via FTP.

If you need to transfer something to us and want assured security, call us here at West Mountain for the daily access details. Log in, upload/download, log out. Done.

Mt Taranaki/Egmont DTM from LiDAR

How Healthy is Your GIS?

A West Mountain GIS Review will provide you with a subjective view on the health of your geospatial systems and data. Customised to meet your organisations needs and geospatial coverage, we will work with you through your organisation using a combination of consultant investigation and user interviews to provide a comprehensive report including recommendations.

Click here to see our GIS Review services for more information.