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Experienced Geospatial Professionals

Our team has extensive geo-spatial industry experience that can help you with your business needs. Born of the need for new and exciting perspectives to the geo-spatial world, the West Mountain team would like to talk to you about your business.

Understanding who your customers are, their needs, and to a greater extent, their future needs, will help keep you at the forefront of your industry.

About Us

NZ Specialsts in GIS Contract and Professional Services.

Read on to find out more Welcome to West Mountain Ltd, providers of real-world business services and solutions.

Whether you are new to the geo-spatial world, or just need a new perspective on your businesses problems, we can help you.

We offer a cost-effective service-based model to minimize the expense and maximize results. If you think you might need our help, read on...

Better Customer Understanding

Understanding who your customers are, their needs, and to a greater extent, their future needs, will provide you the confidence to grow your business in the best areas.

With services such as targeted marketing analysis, we help you to better understand your client demographic profile and also analyze their spending habits. Understanding who and where your customers are has never been more vitally important.

With Proven experience and results from the private sector and local/central government, we come to you with business expertise and provide professional analytical GIS services utilising a wide variety of information together with your data resources.

All of our Consultants are set up to work remotely and are ready to travel fully prepared to get the results you need. We offer competitive services and solutions and guarantee satisfaction.

West Mountain will work closely with you to achieve solutions that are tailored to your individual requirements. So give us a call today to discuss your business problem, so it can become our problem and your business opportunity.

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Our Vision

Here at West Mountain, our vision is quite simple. West Mountain as a respected consultancy will:

- provide quality of service

- deliver competitive solutions

- meet or exceed our customers expectations

- maintain success business partnerships

We help real people make real and smarter business decisions.